About Us

Never being satisfied with the same old tungsten ice jig designs, I set out five years ago to create jigs that stand out above the masses.  From that passion, Liam's Lures was born!  I am just a passionate angler and fly artist from a small Iowa town, operating from home.  My mission at Liam's Lures is to build unique, high quality jigs and ice flies at an affordable price. I use the highest quality materials from Hareline Dubbin and put the utmost care in building your baits.  In a world of mass manufacturing and automation, our jigs are fully hand crafted, just for you.

Speaking from one fisherman to another - if you haven't tried flies for panfish, through the ice or in open water, you are missing out!  I take pride in my creations. Most of the time, unless during a very tough bite, no bait is required with my flies.  The key is using materials that make the fly come to life, mimicking the food our finned targets are eating every day.  As technology advances and anglers grow wiser, so do fish.  You need every advantage out there - add some of my unique tungsten flies to your arsenal, and soon you will see everyone else looking over your shoulder, wondering what you're using!

 You may be thinking that the name of the guy that makes these jigs is Liam.  Actually, Liam is my 7 year old son.  Liam, my wife Sarah, and myself live in Lake View, Iowa.  Liam is my strength and inspiration in life.  He has a great interest in fishing and always seems to be nearby when I'm tying flies!  My hope is that some day he shares the same passion I have for fishing and fly tying.

As with all DIY jig producers, I will get very busy during peak times.  I will do my very best to keep everything I can in inventory.  If certain items are out of stock, check back often to see if it has been restocked.

If you have any special requests or have specific patterns in mind, you can contact me for custom orders at fair prices.  You can also get in touch for any questions or comments.  Tight lines!

Blake Mohr


Please text: (712)210-5015 - we can arrange a time to talk!