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Glow Six Pack

Liam's Lures

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Glow Six Pack
Glow Six Pack

Light up the depths and attact fish from all around the area with our glow pack.  A great variety of flies for low light and heavy snow cover conditions.

Pack includes:

- #10/4.6mm Nuclear Option Amphipod (Glow Head & body - only available with this pack!)

- #10/4.6mm Joey's Joker Amphipod (Glow green head)

- #10/4.6mm Firetiger Amphipod (Glow green head)

- #10/4.6mm Glow Worm (Glow green head & body)

- #12/4mm White Mayfly (Glow body & legs)

- #12/4mm Glow Larva (Glow green head & body)

* Save over 20% with this pack! *

*We may substitute Mayfly Jig for regular Mayfly*

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